Homeowner's Insurance Claims


We know that dealing with damage to your home is a difficult process. Even though your insurance company is supposed to be on your side, often times, you have to fight against them to get what you are entitled to under your policy. If you feel overwhelmed, we can help you get back in control. As you navigate the your claim, we understand the importance of having someone in your corner when you are against a well-resourced insurance company.


At the helm of our great team is Thomas M. Furlow, who has over 25 years of experience in insurance litigation, both first and third party. This experience includes litigating and mediating over 1,000 slab foundation cases, 1,500 mold cases and over 3,000 hurricane and windstorm/hail suits. These suits include claims for damage to Homes, Commercial Buildings, Personal Property, Boats and their equipment and Machinery.

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Water Damage
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