• Thomas M. Furlow

Top 10 To-dos after damage

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

Here are some pointers to follow as you navigate your insurance claim post any damage to your property

  1. File your claim and report all damage as soon as possible

  2. Keep a notebook of activity on your claim, including phone calls with the insurance company. Keep track of names and dates.

  3. Make any temporary repairs necessary to prevent further damage to your property.

  4. Regularly check progress of your claim with the insurance company

  5. Take pictures of the damage to your property, and regularly update those pictures as you do repairs.

  6. Demand a copy of your complete insurance policy and your insurer's estimate(s) and investigation.

  7. Get your own bids and estimates. You do not need to accept the insurer's first estimate.

  8. Keep a copy of all correspondence; receipts for repairs, food, and hotels; and any other records.

  9. Cooperate with your insurance company during their investigation.

  10. Contact an attorney if your insurer denies your claim or does not act within state law deadlines.

“I followed these pointers and it led to a very smooth interaction with my insurance company and my attorney, allowing me to get my repairs done as hoped”

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